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Global Process Institute

The Global Process Institute (GPI) was founded in 1989 by an international group of process workers interested in creating a global learning and research community, with a special focus on conflict work and community building. GPI is a registered non-profit organization with a local address in Portland, Oregon, and a board of international members. The organization is comprised of a network of individuals joined by their vision of deep democracy, in which every voice is considered important, every heart and each dream.
Until now, GPI has provided vision and served as the international sponsor of the Worldwork seminars. Additionally, the organization has sponsored many public forums and town meetings addressing a variety of social, political and environmental issues, using group process skills in an attempt to create greater community. Volunteer members of GPI network with the local community (hyperlink to local Process Work groups) in a given area to organize these forums and bring together diverse groups of individuals. Many of these forums have been broadcast on television, reaching out to a larger community of people.
GPI as an organization is continually evolving, shaped by the dreams, community spirit, inspiration and initiative of all of us.

For more information about the GPI  or please write to:

The Global Process Institute
2049 NW Hoyt 
Portland OR 97209

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