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Getting involved

The giving and allocating of money for scholarships and work/study positions is a Worldwork project that is continually evolving. As organisers we are continuing to learn and grow in relationship to economics, education and social justice. The scholarship policy is fluid and develops based on feedback from previous participants. Thanks to everyone who has helped to create it.

In order to make the seminar accessible to as many people as possible from all over the world, between one third to one half of the participants receive some kind of financial assistance. This may be in the form of scholarships to reduce tuition fees, or work/study exchanges which enable participants to engage in the work of the seminar at a reduced fee.

Our scholarship fund is maintained through the generosity of participants and other friends of Worldwork. This money is allocated for those needing help with lodging and expenses. We are thankful to all those who have been able to contribute to the fund and we welcome new donations.  Donations are tax deductible. The GPI  and local Worldwork team are working with different foundations, businesses and government agencies to secure financial support for this unique Worldwork facilitation training and gathering. Related projects include our direct involvement in co-ordination facilitation and leadership to create sustainable communities locally, nationally and internationally. We also work to establish mutually beneficial relationships with other organisations and the people in them – this is another way in which the Worldwork process can happen.

Some 30 Participants of Worldwork 2008 in London were supported by Grundtvig Funding - part of European Commission’s Life Long Learning Programme! Additionally to the Grundtvig funding about 160 people received some form of scholarship ranging from full to partial bursaries. Worldwork was supported by number of private donors in the UK and from Europe, and by many contributions in kind.

Contribute to the Worldwork scholarship fund which makes it possible for participants from marginalised groups, emerging leaders, social change facilitators in developing countries, and participants from non-profit organizations to take part in the Worldwork programme.

  • Individually donate £200 or more and we'll send you a journal made up of short articles, stories, poems and images which we'll compile across the Worldwork programme in UK.

Offer time, creativity or organisational resources

There are countless creative ways to support Worldwork locally, nationally and internationally.

If you would like to become engaged or help in any way, the list below offers suggestions as to how you may get involved.

  • Join the mailing list of Worldwork
  • Attend the Worldwork seminar or local Worldwork activities
  • Let other people know about Worldwork, and invite them to take part
  • Invite someone from the Worldwork staff to give a presentation, lead a workshop, facilitate a forum, or host a gathering in your organisation, city or community.
  • Make contact with a local group  if you would like to be actively involved in creating Worldwork.

We appreciate and welcome your help and support . Please send us an email if you would like to chat with someone from the Worldwork team about how you might support the project or otherwise become involved.

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