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RSPOPUK, the Research Society for Process Oriented Psychology UK, is the national forum and organizing body for Process Work in the United Kingdom.
It was founded as a non-profit organization in 1988. RSPOPUK now organizes a full and exciting annual programme of workshops, classes, supervision, training and private therapy with teachers and therapists from the UK and international Process Work Community.

RSPOPUK offers

  • Introductions, Seminars and Training events  open to the public
  • Training including a Foundation  Year  and Diploma Programme
  • A Fellowship programme
As well as those formally training in Process Work, members include people interested for personal or professional reasons. A diversity of backgrounds is actively welcomed and what draws the membership together is a common interest in Process Work and the aims, which are to:
  • Act as a network, keeping those interested in touch with what’s happening here
  • Follow the spirit in individual and groups, and the spirit of the time
  • Coordinate further training and research in Process Work in the UK
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