Worldwork 2008 Masthead
Alexandra VASSILIOU, Ph.D. is a Certified Process Worker, a psychotherapist, and a conflict resolution practitioner. She was trained in the application of Systems Theory at the Athenian Institute of Anthropos, and in Process Work at the Process Work Institute of Portland, Oregon. She works as a counselor in private practice, as well as a Process Work trainer in Greece and internationally. She is a founding member of Process Work Greece, and an associate of the Athenian Institute of Anthropos in Athens, Greece. She is especially interested in Conflict Resolution and its applications in community work and schools. She is interested in human experience as it expresses itself through the body, though dreams and through relationships.
Amy MINDELL, Ph.D. (Psychology) is a therapist and teacher in Portland, Oregon and teaches with Arny around the world. She has helped develop process work in the areas of metaskills, coma work, creativity, and dance. She is the author of 5 books including her most recent, "The Dreaming Source of Creativity". She is a musician, dancer, singer, and creator of whimsical puppets and is currently studying the beauty of the therapist's individual style and the art of animation.
Anup KARIA, Dipl. PW is a process oriented facilitator, trainer and therapist. Originally from Kenya, he lives in and has a private practice in London, UK where he works with individuals, teams and organizations on a diverse range of topics and applications. He has worked with communities and non profit organizations on leadership, team development, conflict transformation and change. He also co-facilitates public forums on diverse social issues. He is passionate about bringing our deepest selves into our life and work.
Anuradha DEB, MSc,MA, Dip PW is a process worker who lives and works in Mumbai. She is passionate about world work and has participated in almost all and taught in some of them. She was fortunate in being given the responsibility of organising one in India. She dreams that the world will someday be a better place and hopes that the universe will share in the dreaming. She practises as a PW therapist in India and also works with organisations where in she is thrilled if she can apply PW concepts. She is a perennial student of PW herself and thinks that this is the best thing that has happened to her in this life.
Arlene AUDERGON, Ph.D. was director of deaf-blind services in Seattle and then practised psychotherapy, moving to Zurich in 1984 to study Process Oriented Psychology. She practices and teaches Process Work internationally in the areas of conflict resolution, mental health and creativity. With her partner Jean-Claude, she has supported the development of Process Work training in the UK. She is s co-founder of CFOR Force for Change, and facilitates organizations and forums, including post-war reconciliation and community building; and Europe wide forums concerning conflict resolution and social inclusion. In addition to several articles, she is author of The War Hotel: Psychological Dynamics in Violent Conflict, John Wiley 2005; and with Arye 'Transforming Conflict into Community: Post-War reconciliation in Croatia', a chapter in Totton N ( Ed) Psychotherapy and Politics, Open University Press, McGraw Hill 2006, and 'Daring to Dream' a chapter in Hart B ( Ed), Trauma and Peace-building, University Press of America 2007. Exploring her long-time love of theatre in connection with Process Work, she developed methods for coaching actors, improvisers, puppeteers and musicians, and for devising and directing theatre. She co-directed Improbable Theatre's SPIRIT with Julian Crouch, which played at the Royal Court Theatre in London 2001 and has continued to play in numerous festivals internationally.
Arny MINDELL, Ph.D. (Psychology) is in private practice in Portland Oregon. After many years as a Jungian training analyst, he wrote his first book - 'The Dreambody' - and is the founder of Process Oriented Psychology. He is the author of numerous books (including 'The Deep Democracy of Open Forums' and 'Sitting in the Fire') which have been translated into twenty different languages. He has taught and worked all over the world
Ayako FUJISAKI is a certified process worker and has a private practice in Portland, Oregon. She has extensive clinical experience as a psychologist at a medical university in Tokyo and 10 years of experience in private practice. She also leads workshops in Asia, the U.S. and Europe. She is one of the original members of the Process Work training program in Japan. One of her current interests is applying Process Work in international humanitarian and development activities. She has been involved with projects with local NGOs in Bangladesh and Nepal.
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Bogna SZYMKIEWICZ, Ph.D. has been teaching for over 20 years at the University of Warsaw. She holds a Diploma in Process Work from Zurich, works with clients in private practice, teaches process work internationally and facilitates groups. She is a co-leader of License Program "Process Work Academy" in Warsaw. Bogna is an editor of anthology "On the Other Side of Troubles. Process Work in Theory and Practice" (in Polish), co-author of the manual for caregivers "Deeper into the Soul. Beyond Dementia and Alzheimer's towards Forgetfulness Care" (in English) and author of the book "Wounded States of Consciousness. About Pain, Anger and Unconscious Use of Power in Relationships" (in Polish). She is interested in remote and other altered states of consciousness, relationship work and social conflicts. She lives in Warsaw with her 16 year old twin daughters.
Brid COMMINS, MA, HDE, is a certified process worker, co-founder of Process Oriented Psychology Ireland and a member of the POP Ireland training team. She has been in private psychotherapy practice for the past 20 years working with individuals, couples and groups. She is an extern tutor for the National University of Ireland where she teaches Group Facilitation, Conflict Facilitation and Community Leadership Programmes. She is also a visiting tutor for the Dublin Counselling and Therapy Training School. In recent years she has been involved in organizational development with executive and middle management teams within the corporate sector. She has also been part of a team who delivered a Befriending Conflict Training Programme in Northern Ireland. Brid lives near Dublin with her three teenage children who constantly challenge her to reflect on her leadership and conflict facilitation skills!
Carol ZAHNER, MS, Dipl. PW. Fascination with conflict, growth, human bodies and the natural world inspires her to work internationally as a trainer/facilitator and to farm oysters in the northeast, USA. Art and movement are both her source of great pleasure and connection to deep consciousness. She has private practice in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Maine.
lives and works in Bristol, UK, as a therapist, supervisor and teacher of Process Work. She is a founder member of RSPOPUK and is part of the faculty. She is also a mother and grandmother.
Clare HILL, Dipl. PW, Dip. CST, is currently setting up the counselling service for women in Belize. She teaches and has a private practice in Edinburgh.
Claus Bargmann, B.Sc.(Econ), M.Sc.(Soc Sci), is a process-oriented therapist and supervisor living in Auckland, New Zealand where he works in private practice. A group facilitator and teacher on the Australian/New Zealand Process Work faculty, he also travels and teaches Process-oriented Psychology internationally. Originally trained in Germany where he worked as a lecturer in Social Science, he now combines his love of philosophy with his passion for nature, art, meditation, lucid dreaming and travelling. A student of Tai Chi and Taoism for over 25 years, he incorporates what he considers the essence of these teachings into his counselling and facilitation work. His creative approach to therapy is reflected in his working space; a cornucopia of colours, books, paints, masks, swords, musical instruments and other sources of inspiration.
Conor MCKENNA, Dipl. PW is a founder member of RSPOPUK, a teacher and facilitator, who lives in the south of Scotland.
Dawn MENKEN, Ph.D. is a certified process worker, conflict resolution facilitator, and teacher with a special devotion to relationship and building sustainable community. She enjoys facilitating multi-cultural groups and has worked in schools, youth groups, agencies, organizations, small businesses, hospitals, and with families. She has been one of the organizers of the worldwork seminars up until 2006. Dawn is the author of Speak Out! Talking About Love, Sex and Eternity, a book of essays that explore themes of marginalization, relationship, and the essence of community. Motherhood continues to be a big inspiration for Dawn and has informed her creativity in her approach to working with children and families as well as, group work, social action, and creating world community. One of her favorite places to engage in conflict work is the local playground.
Edna HOLT, Dipl. PW, B.Ed.,Dip. TEFL is a founder member of RSPOPUK. Has worked in education from nursery to adult level,most recently in Special Needs. Has applied PW in working with coma and PVS states,issues of bullying in schools and forums on diversity. Is currently retired and supporting RSPOPUK administratively.
Ellen SCHUPBACH, Ph.D. Dipl. PW is a therapist and facilitator, based in Portland Oregon. She has been teaching Process Work worldwide, and focuses on the role of different forms of awareness, spirituality and love as they manifest in healing and wellness. She wrote her Ph.D. on the spiritual experiences of the facilitator/therapist, and their role in the learning and healing journeys of both the facilitator and the client. Her training background includes Buddhist studies and sacred clowning. She is the executive director and a co-founder of the Deep Democracy Institute, a non-profit organization that provides leadership training in developing regions and constituencies.
Elke SCHLEHUBER is German, 40 years, living in Lörrach, Germany, on the swiss border. She is self employed, working as a facilitator in the field of organizational development, conflict resolution and personal development. She holds degrees in Process Oriented Psychology as well as in German literature, history and economies. She is travelling a lot, working with clients all over Switzerland and Germany, but is also running a private praxis in Basel together with two colleagues of her.
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Gary REISS, Ph.D. holds an LCSW and is a diplomate in Process oriented Psychology. Gary has a private practice in Eugene and Portland, Oregon, and teaches Process oriented Psychology worldwide. His specialties include family therapy, sex therapy, working with coma patients, Worldwork in hot spots in the world, and integrating Process work with different spiritual traditions. He is the author of five books, "Changing Ourselves, Changing the World;" "Leap into Living;" "Angry Men, Angry Women, Angry World;" "Vital Loving;" and "Beyond War and Peace in the Arab Israeli Conflict". His books "The Dance of Sex" and "Dreaming Money" will be released soon, along with the coma book he is writing with Dr. Pierre Morin.
Dr Gerald MACLAURIN is a diplomat from Auckland, New Zealand and a member of Australia/NZ Process Oriented Psychology Inc. He was originally trained as a medical doctor and worked in a variety of settings, including rural Papua New Guinea for 6 years in the 1980s, where he became interested in dreams and how little he understood his own mind! He stopped general medical practice in 1994, has been studying Process Work since 1989 and has a particularly interest in illness and body symptoms, relationship and group work. His dream is to work much more in group facilitation and teaching.
Gill EMSLIE, Dipl. PW is an experienced facilitator, drawing on her training in Process Work and skills developed in the Findhorn Foundation Community and ecovillage where she lives and works. She is co founder of the Findhorn Consultancy Service and member of RSPOPUK She works both as a psychotherapist, organisational consultant and trainer with individuals and groups in the private, business and voluntary sectors in Europe and Latin Americ
Helen WELLS, Dipl. PW, RATh is an Artist, Art Psychotherapist and Process Worker. Deeply interested in creativity and its vital contribution to a sense of meaning and wellbeing in herself and others, Helen has a private practice, makes films, works collaboratively with other artists and is researching the interface between the Arts and Process Oriented Psychology.
Hitomi Sakamoto, Ph.D. is a certified process worker in private practice whose educational and professional background includes traditional clinical psychology and Thanatology (the study of death and dying). In recent years she has become interested in researching how escalating global changes; new findings in science, medicine, history, and consciousness studies; and wisdom from spiritual traditions fit together. Her passion is to integrate these knowledge into her work in the world to empower individuals and groups. Currently based in London, she works internationally through traveling, online courses and phone sessions. She is a faculty and teaching staff at Japan Process Work Center. Website:

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Iona FREDENBURGH Dipl. PW. is a certified process worker living in SW England. Her areas of practice and interest include earth-based spirituality, mental health and disability awareness, conflict and leadership in groups and organisations, diversity and community. She works with staff and students in several anthroposophical colleges, facilitates groups and has a private therapy practice. She loves to travel, and engage with different people and places.

My email is
Jan DWORKIN, Ph.D. is a certified process worker living in Portland, Oregon. She works as a teacher, therapist and group facilitator and conducts training workshops internationally. She specializes in group process and conflict facilitation, addictions, relationship work and sexuality. She is also a painter and a long distance cyclist. Jan follows the unpredictable direction of the spirit in whatever she does.
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Jean-Claude AUDERGON, lic. phil. I (Zuerich), Dipl. PW, researches and teaches Process Work since 30 years. Jean-Claude has been involved with the development and application of Process Work since its beginnings in 1977 and is a co-founder of the centers for Process Work training in Zurich/CH, Portland/USA and London/UK. He was the UK co-ordinator of the IAPOP conference in 2007, member of IAPOP and member of IAF, the international association of facilitators. Interested in the dynamics of violence and communication, he originally worked with social worker teams dealing with violent inmates. With his wife Arlene, he moved from Zurich to Los Angeles and then to London, following their interest to research Process Work's application to cultural diversity, minority and marginalization issues, youth violence, individual and community mental health. In private practice and as consultant, he works with individuals, families and couples, religious communities, social and business organizations and community forums dealing with inner and outer conflicts, relationship issues, blocks and trauma. Jean-Claude is a co-founder of CFOR Force for Change supporting the vision and implementation of forums, facilitation, trainings and creative projects. He also trained as film-maker and initiated the Arts Atelier, applying process work to the arts and coaching artists. Jean-Claude is also the author of ' The Body in Process Work', in Totton N ( ed) New Dimensions in Body Psychotherapy, Open University Press 2005.
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Joe GOODBREAD, Ph.D. teaches and practices Process Oriented Psychology in Portland Oregon and throughout the world. He is a co-founder and board member of the Process Work Institute of Portland, as well as Process Oriented Psychology Ireland, headquartered in Dublin. He is the author of two books, "The Dreambody Toolkit," a practical introduction to Process Work, and "Radical Intercourse: How Dreams Unite Us in Love, Conflict, and Other Inevitable Relationships," as well as many articles and unpublished manuscripts. He has been an editor of the Journal of Process Oriented Psychology
Josef HELBLING, Ph.D. is a Certified Process Work Diplomate, trainer and psychotherapist in private practice. Josef has extensive experience in researching attitudes of professional groups. He is a psychotherapist in a medical practice in Lucerne and a visiting psychology lecturer in professional institutes and Training centres at graduate and postgraduate level. Josef holds a Masters Degree and a Ph. D. in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology from the University of Zurich. His Dissertation entitled: "Public attitudes towards the chronically mentally ill and antipsychotic medication" was accepted in 2005.
Kanae KUWAHARA, MA, Dipl. PW. works as a psychotherapist in a psychiatric hospital and teaches Process Work in a wide range of settings, including graduate and postgraduate schools. She was also trained as a researcher of literature and a Japanese language teacher, and uses her specialty to develop training programs as a faculty of Japan Process Work Center. She has a private practice in Tokyo and works with individuals, organizations and communities to help them find their deeper sense of being, vision and happiness.
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Kasha KAVANAUGH, MS. Dipl. PW is a participant in the Process Work Institute and loves being part of the global learning community. She has a deep respect for the co-creative spirit and assisted teachers who generously teamed up with her during the Portland Intensive. She believes each individual voice builds community at World Work; she assisted at WW in Greece, Australia and the United States. She currently works with a mobile response team that serves Multnomah County residents who are experiencing a mental health crisis, regardless of income or insurance.
Kate JOBE, MA. is a Certified Somatic Movement Therapist with a keen interest in the role of spirit, art and movement in therapy and conflict work. She is a former dancer/choreographer who teaches and practices Process Work in Portland, Oregon. She is the founder of The Movement Space, an organization focusing on Movement and Process Work. She co-founded and designed training in Process Work at The Process Institute, Portland. Kate is the co-founder of the Lao Tse Press and has been the Editor in Chief of The Journal of Process Oriented Psychology. She co-founded and teaches in the Irish training program. Along with her partner, Joe Goodbread, Kate has facilitated in a range of situations including with community groups dealing with the aftermath of the Northern Irish "troubles" in Ireland, facilitated in large businesses with diversity problems, has worked on the Chernobyl project in Sochi Russia, working with the illness and social issues of those who cleaned up the nuclear accident in Chernoybl. She has a passion for creativity and in her recent life has created opportunities for performance in Portland, OR. Kate has recently started a "podcast" project called Process Work Live which has recently been accepted into iTunes and can be downloaded from her website or on iTunes.
Lena ASLANIDOU, MPW. is a certified process worker and a licensed social worker. She has also trained in Systems Theory and its Application to Group and Family Therapy. Lena works as a therapist in private practice, and leads process work seminars in Greece and Europe. She is a founding member of Process Work Greece, an adjunct faculty member of the MACF program of the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon, USA, and an associate of the Athenian Institute of Anthropos, in Athens, Greece.. Lena collaborates in Greece with different government organizations and NGOs, working with the staff and teaching group work and conflict resolution. She is currently experimenting with different ways of teaching conflict resolution skills to teenagers who belong to minority groups. She has an interest in spirituality and the spiritual aspect in therapy and tries to be in touch with the human part that is beyond identification that creates separation, and closer to love.
Lily VASSILIOU, Ph.D. is a certified process worker and a licensed social worker with a background in systems thinking and its application in group and family therapy. She works as a therapist in private practice, process work trainer and facilitator, in Greece and internationally, leading seminars, conducting trainings, facilitating groups and town meetings. Lily is a founding member of Process Work Greece, a faculty member of the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon, USA, and an associate of the Athenian Institute of Anthropos in Athens, Greece. She is passionate about applying Process Work concepts, ideas and methods as she attempts to stay with, and focus on, the various tensions and difficulties that appear in everyday life, making space for the potential gifts they carry. Areas of special interest: worldwork, town meetings, teamwork, coma work, panic attacks and other extreme states, creativity.
Lukas HOHLER works internationally as a coach, trainer, facilitator, and conflictworker and is based in Switzerland. He specializes in and has developed advanced methods for working with inner city problems, conflicts in public space, and in schools and works with the police, social and health services, and education departments of cities as well as with private institutions. He leads training workshops and provides on the job coaching. At Antioch University in Ohio he conducted his studies in Conflict Resolution (M.A.). In 2008 he completed his training in Process Oriented Psychology (Dipl. POP, 1994-2008) at the Institute of Process Work in Zurich. Process Work forms the base of his work with individuals and groups in private practice and with organizations.
Mark O'CONNELL, Dipl PW (Zurich) Dipl FT (Plymouth Uni) works both in private practice and as a psychotherapist in a large residential school for children. He works with staff and care/educational teams using Process Work to support the care of the young people. He finds young people to be very responsive to the creative process and uses puppetry, film-making, music, song writing, and play in his work. He is fascinated by the shared thread which weaves together creativity, psychotherapy, sustainability, family/relationship, organisational work, and Worldwork. He runs a small venue The Apricot Centre for Sustainable Living on and organic farm on the Suffolk/Essex border where he and his wife Marina are developing courses and research on sustainable living. From the Apricot Centre he works in association with Creative Partnerships in Tendring facilitating creativity in teaching within the national curriculum.
Max SCHUPBACH, Ph.D., Dipl. PW, CPF, is one of the original founders of the Research Society for Process-oriented Psychology in Zurich, Switzerland, and of the Process Work Center in Portland, Oregon. He leads Maxfxx, a consulting and coaching firm that is active on four continents, with clients including Fortune 100 companies, international NGOs, public sector organizations, and political parties. He is a co-founder and the president of the Deep Democracy Institute, an NGO that develops and implements leadership programs in the Middle East, Africa, and North East Asia. Max has written a series of articles on Worldwork applications in various settings, for example corporations, a maximum security prison and on open forum. They can be found at his website. He has co-founded Process Work training programs and centers in many countries, including Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, and the USA. Max Schupbach grew up in the Swiss Alps, and today lives and works with his partner Ellen in Oregon, USA.
Michal WERTHEIMER-SHIMONI is a Certified Process Worker. She was born and raised in Israel. After initial studies at the university Michal left Israel on a vision quest, wanting to work with people. This quest led her to complete her studies of Process Work in Switzerland, and eventually to being one of the founders of Process Work Israel. She lives, teaches, studies and works in Israel.
Nancy PAPATHANASIOU MA. is a clinical psychologist, with a Process Work Master in Conflict Facilitation and Organizational Change and a Clinical Psychology Ph.D. candidate in National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. In Process Work she discovered an alternative way to think of and perceive reality, extending beyond psychological phenomena and including the sum of experience. Her main clinical interest is relationships in all forms of groups, and her research interests focus in resilience, discrimination and diversity. Currently she is working as a consultant in 'Arsis' (NGO working with youth-at-risk and adjudicated youth).
Pat BLACK is a Process Worker who lives in Edinburgh and is the coordinator of Process Work training in the UK. She trained as an occupational therapist and has worked for over 30 years in the field of disability. She has been engaged for the last 15 years in changing service provision and setting up innovative services. She is co-director of Diversity Matters in Edinburgh which works across the UK with individuals, staff, families and organisations to support service and cultural change.
Pierre MORIN, MD, Ph.D. is a Certified Process Work Diplomate, trainer and psychotherapist. His training in medicine, health psychology, and process work gives him a broad understanding of global health issues. He researches approaches that facilitate awareness in health care individually and collectively. Currently he is involved in coma and end of life care, community and minority health and studies how current trends in creating partnerships between consumer groups and professionals have potential for reducing barriers and for increasing sustainability and positive outcomes.
Reini HAUSER, Ph.D. is a psychologist, psychotherapist (Association of Swiss Psychotherapists), supervisor and a senior trainer of Process Work with twenty years of experience working with individuals, families, small and large groups, in organizations and businesses for culture development, leadership, conflict work and creative processes. Since 1991 Reini co-facilitates worldwork seminars. He is director of training at the Process Work Center Zurich and has helped build training programs in Zurich, Cologne, Amsterdam, New York, Dublin, Tallinn, St. Petersburg and Moscow. After an early interest in addiction work, his main focus today lies in team building, leadership and conflict work. Since 2006, Reini is team-builder at the ETH Zurich ( He enjoys mountain hiking and dolce fa niente at his mountain cabin with his 3 ¼ year old son Alex.
"I work as a psychologist at Quest Center for Integrative Health in Portland, OR, USA. This is a community based integrative health clinic where many of my clients deal with health issues, including HIV/AIDS and cancer, substance abuse issues, and the effects of discrimination, poverty and abuse. I am also on the faculty at the Process Work Institute in Portland, OR and involved in teaching and training students. I feel most inspired in my work when out of a particularly difficult spot amazing new life and growth appears. In my free time I enjoy reading, sewing and creative writing."
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Ruth WEYERMANN, a faculty member of the Process Work Institute in Zurich, Switzerland, trainer and psychotherapist in private and medical practice. Ruth has extensive experience in body-symptom work, especially in researching the outcome of it. Her therapeutic work is also devoted to supporting children with emotional, behavioural and learning difficulties for the Education Department of the City of Zurich.
Sara HOLLWEY is a certified process worker and clinical psychologist, living and working in Ireland. She is currently working as a principal clinical psychologist in a Dublin hospital and teaching as a core staff member within an Integrative and Humanistic psychotherapy school. She is also on the Process Work faculty in Ireland, and runs a private practice as a therapist and supervisor. Sara has a big interest in working with global issues within communities and business teams, and has a group consultancy business where she facilities individuals and groups to look at their dynamics within the bigger collective context. Her consultancy has also been shaped by her previous work within an Anthroposophical complementary medical system for 15 years, where she re-trained as a Spatial Dynamics movement therapist. Recently Sara is exploring how to create more sustainable lifestyles, as she is passionate about the future of the planet, and how psychology can facilitate the growth of sustainable ecovillage systems using awareness of individual and global dynamics. Currently she is co-writing a book on the role of the spirit self in healing, in individuals, groups and organizations, which is both an integration of her theoretical models and a practical workbook on how to apply the theory in daily life.
Sonja STRAUB, Ph.D. has been involved with Process Work since the early 80s. She currently lives in Portland Oregon where she is part of the PWI faculty and has a private practice. She has been involved in a variety of projects and taught Process Work in different places of the world, lately she was in Ireland, Russia, and Switzerland. In her free time she loves to hunt mushrooms, with her dog Raven is involved in search and rescue missions for people that got lost, and has been known to take her bike for long rides.
Stanford SIVER is a facilitator and life coach and is involved in creating leadership training programs in conflict zones and developing regions. He is currently the director of development of the Deep Democracy Institute, an NGO dedicated to training individuals, groups, and organizations in leadership development, community building, organizational change, and conflict facilitation. He is a former numerical systems mathematician on surgical and satellite imagery applications, military intelligence analyst, corporate sales and quality improvement process manager, former director of the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy (an international conflict resolution and citizen diplomacy NGO in Washington, DC) and a member and former director of the Global Process Institute (an international network of process oriented psychologists involved in conflict facilitation, dialogue, and trauma healing). He is a certified process work diplomate through the process work institute and has an MBA and a PhD in the psychology of conflict.
Stanya STUDENTOVA, Mgr. Dipl. PW Graduated in psychology (MU, Brno, Czech Republic) and acquired a Diploma in Process Work. She has been involved in various projects in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and in the UK. Currently she lives in London, where she works as a therapist in private practice, trainer and group facilitator in various settings from mental health centre to working with non profit organizations on issues of teambuilding and leadership. She co-facilitates public forums on diverse topics, and is applying worldwork in mediation settings and other areas of conflict facilitation. Her thesis: "Gift of the journey", explored area of interplay of individual, political and spiritual aspects of one's personal growth, and the role awareness plays in the process of transformation.
Susan KOCEN, Dipl. PW has recently returned to live in London after 21 years living overseas, 10 of them in Oregon. She has had an on going private practice since graduating in 2005 and works with individuals, couples and families. She is inspired and fascinated by dreaming both at night and in everyday life, and the spirit beyond process, as teacher and guide. Her focus is on valuing and unfolding all experiences, exploring and bringing awareness to what may lurk within the most troublesome of them, and also exploring what may exist before those experiences bubble up and become disturbances.
Thierry WEIDMANN, Lic. Phil.grew up in North America and Switzerland. After being trained as an art restorer and further studies in history, social and physical anthropology at the University of Zürich he worked on several archaeological projects throughout the world. As his interests expanded towards psychology he studied Process Work from the end of the eighties on at the FG POP in Zürich ( Since then he has been working as a psychotherapist, supervisor, group facilitator and member of the faculty of FG POP Zürich.
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Vassiliki KATRIVANOU, M.A. Cert. PW, was born in Athens, Greece, and has lived in Portland, Oregon for the last ten years. She is working internationally as a therapist, educator and group facilitator. She has a Diploma and a M.A. in Process Oriented Psychology and a M.A. in Conflict Resolution. Before coming to Portland, Vassiliki trained in Systems Theory and Family and Group Dynamics at the Athenian Institute of Anthropos in Athens, where she has been an associate for several years. She Is an activist interested in issues of democracy and diversity.

Her primary interest is in group work and conflict resolution, and the interconnections between politics, indigenous wisdom and creativity. She is also focusing on women and leadership. Vassiliki has made a documentary: "The Women of Cyprus", which portrays how a group of Turkish and Greek Cypriot women handle conflict in Cyprus. The film traces the ways people can create change and a sense of home through intimate interactions, transcending national, religious and class differences.
Aleksandr PEIKRISHVILI, MSW (social work) has been a student of process work since 1998. Aleksandr was born in Georgia (the Caucauses) and now calls Portland, OR his home. He has been a worldwork participant/facilitator internationally since 2000 and has a small private practice (psychotherapy) in Portland, OR, as well as serving food in a local gastropub. Aleksandr is passionate about issues of love, freedom, gender, sexual orientation and bicultural experience, and for his doctorate and his processwork dissertation he is dreaming of combining performance art, process oriented psychology and social activism. Aleksandr also loves being creative with fashion and is recently thinking about writing a book about his experiences of gender, sexual orientation and love.
Andy SMITH is a phase two student in the process work school in the UK. He is co-director of Diversity Matters, a company based in Edinburgh that works throughout the UK in the health and social work sectors to bring about system and cultural change. He works as an organisational consultant, trainer and facilitator. He is particularly interested in how social organisations reflect the problems they are working on in the outer world back into themselves and how the faciltiator or consultant is part of the wider system problem they are working on.
"I finished my study of psychology in 1996, I wrote thesis about Qualitative Analyses of Dreams of Blind Children. Since 1995 till 2006 I was very involved in the field of Mental Health. Since 2007 I am building my private therapeutic practice. Main focus is on trauma and relationship work. Originally I grew up in the very East of Slovakia - little city Humenné, now I am living in Bratislava, I am married with my wife Petra and one of my strongest resources is our little garden."
Boris SOPKO Mgr.
Errol AMERASEKERA B.Sc, B.App.Sci (Chiro), MACFOC, is a business consultant, trainer and facilitator. He is the founder and principal of Living Business (, a training and consulting firm that has worked with organisations and NGO's, as well as in international war zones such as Sri-Lanka. Errol has been involved with Process Work since 2000. He has attended two previous Worldwork seminars in Newport and Sydney and assisted for the first time in Sydney 2006. In 2007 he was part of the first graduating class of the Master of Arts in Conflict Facilitation and Organisation Change at the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon. He is passionate about creating a safer and more just world for all by mediating conflict, coaching ethical leadership, and facilitating transformation, in individuals, communities and organisations. In his spare time he likes to go to the gym, run, play tennis, trade shares on the stock market and read.
Elva REDWOOD was born and grew up in London. She has lived in Australia and California, USA, and now lives in Oregon, USA, where she is a phase II diploma student at the Process Work Institute (PWI). She has worked in various fields, including teaching grade school, reporting for a small town newspaper, and movie sound editing. Currently she is a counsellor at a mental health agency, where she facilitates regular process oriented groups with people who are homeless and have chronic mental health diagnoses. She has been a student therapist at the River's Way Clinic, at PWI, for 18 months, and is beginning her private practice. Elva has assisted at world work seminars in Israel/Palestine and in Mexico.
Jennifer KLESKIE finished her Masters in Conflict Resolution and Organizational Change at the Process Work Institute in Portland in 2007. She has assisted at Worldworks in Newport, Oregon, Sydney, Australia and now London, England. She currently works with families in crisis and has run groups for multiracial individuals in Portland, Oregon. She is interested in growing her private practice in Oregon while pursuing various conflict resolution projects both in and out of organizations.
Louise WARNER has a passion for issues of justice and human rights and works both paid and voluntary in the 3rd sector in Uk in mental health, asulum and refugees and community development. As both a dancer and trained movement therapist Louise draws fun and wisdom from the eternal chatter and beauty of the moving body. She is involved in town forums and loves to walk and cycle the hills in the north of England where she lives.
Makiko was born and raised in Japan. She was a "domestic nomad " in her childhood. She studied Psychology in U.S.A. and obtained a certificate of Psychological and Social Services. After finishing graduate school of the international development in Japan, she worked as an international student advisor and assistant professor at a university in Japan for nearly 6 years. She currently lives in Portland, OR, U.S.A. and phase 2 student of Diploma/MAPW program at the Process Work Institute. She just came back from working for the 4 months cruise ship multi-national / cultural university program (called "The Scholar Ship") as Intercultural Resident Counsellor. She is searching and learning how to follow the Tao and the path of heart.
"As a flight attendant for a number of years, I enjoyed travelling and exploring the outer world, meeting with a wide range of people and sampling delicious foods and beverages. I moved to Portland, Oregon, USA from Japan in 2005 to study process work. And now, my focus has sifted to exploring the inner world as well as outer world. I have completed M.A. in Conflict Facilitation and Organizational Change at the Process Work Institute (PWI) in 2007. Now as an advanced student in the Diploma/Master degree program in Process Work at the PWI, I am interning as a student therapist at the River's Way Clinic. I have been fascinated by the dynamics of the relationship between our inner and outer world. Additionally, I recently started practicing yoga which further attempts to throw light on this connection."
Susette PAYNE is a Phase-two Diploma student, studying in Portland and continuing her internship at the Riversway Clinic at PWI, and will be graduating in the fall of 2009. She has helped develop, promote and teach art process at the Open Studio Project,and Gallery which is a community based program using art to bring healing and awareness to individuals and groups. She has assisted and taught process work and art at WW with Israeli and Palestinian participants in Israel for the last two years.
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Worldwork Team

Alexandra VASSILIOU, Ph.D.

Amy MINDELL, Ph.D. (Psychology)

Anup KARIA, Dipl. PW

Anuradha DEB, MSc,MA, Dip PW

Arlene AUDERGON, Ph.D.

Arny MINDELL, Ph.D. (Psychology)


Barbara ZUEST



Carol ZAHNER, MS, Dipl. PW

Charleen AGOSTINI, Dipl. Process Work

Clare HILL, Dipl. PW, Dip. CST,

Claus Bargmann,  B.Sc.(Econ), M.Sc.(Soc Sci),

Conor MCKENNA, Dipl. PW

Dawn Menken Ph.D.

Edna HOLT, Dipl. PW, B.Ed.,Dip. TEFL

Ellen SCHUPBACH, Ph.D. Dipl. PW



Gary REISS, Ph.D.


Gill EMSLIE, Dipl. PW

Helen WELLS, Dipl. PW, RATh  


Ingrid ROSE




Jean-Claude AUDERGON, lic. phil.I (Zurich), Dipl. PW,




Kanae KUWAHARA, MA, Dipl. PW

Kara Wilde


Kate JOBE, MA.




Mark O'CONNELL, Dipl PW (Zurich) Dipl FT (Plymouth Uni)





Pierre MORIN, MD, Ph.D.

Reini HAUSER, Ph.D.





Sonja STRAUB, Ph.D.

Stanford SIVER

Stanya STUDENTOVA, Mgr. Dipl. PW

Susan KOCEN, Dipl. PW

Thierry WEIDMANN, Lic. Phil.


Vassiliki KATRIVANOU, MA, Cert. PW

Assistant facilitators:

Aleksandr PEIKRISHVILI, MSW (social work)


Boris SOPKO Mgr.

Errol AMERASEKERA B.Sc, B.App.Sci (Chiro), MACFOC


Jennifer KLESKIE




Susette PAYNE

Susie ROSS


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Small Groups facilitating teams:

1. Alexandra Vassiliou, Makiko Tadokoro,  Susie Ross
2. Bogna Szymkievicz, Kasha Kavanaugh
3. Carol Zahner, Jennifer Kleskie
4. Charleen Agostini, Barbara Zuest
5. Clare Hill, Boris Sopko
6. Claus Bargmann, Gerald MacLaurin
7. Conor McKenna, Thierry Weidmann, Louise Warner
8. Ellen Schupbach, Stanford Siver
9. Ingrid Rose, Elva Redwood
10. Jane Martin, Helen Wells
11. Jill Brierley, Nancy Papathanasiou
12. Joseph Helbling, Ruth Weyermann
13. Kanae Kuwahara, Andy Smith,
14. Kara Wilde, Sylvia Ondrisova 
15. Mark O’Connell, Hitomi Sakamoto
16. Michal Wertheimer, Pat Black,
17. Pierre Morin, Elke Schlehuber,
18. Renate Ackermann, Aleksandr Peikrishvili
19. Sara Hollwey, Iona Fredenburgh
20. Sonia Straub, Midori Kiriyama, Susette Payne 
21. Susan Kocen, Errol Amerasekera
22. Vassiliki Katrivanou, Gill Emslie

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