About Worldwork


  1. Worldwork is an experiential training seminar in conflict work and community building. The seminar provides a unique opportunity for people from all over the world to come together in a powerful forum for focusing on and working with social, environmental, and political issues using group process skills. Between two and three hundred people from over thirty countries participate in these six day gatherings. The large staff team facilitates a diversity of learning experiences that include large group focus and interaction, small group meetings, one-to-one sessions and networking groups.
  2. “Deep Democracy is the principle behind a community building process that hears all voices and roles, including our collective experiences of altered states, and subtle feelings and tendencies. It is a principle that makes space for the separable, the barely speakable and the unspeakable.”
    Arnold Mindell

  3. Worldwork is a small and large group Process Work method that uses Deep Democracy  to address the issues of groups and organizations of all kinds. To resolve reality problems and enrich community experience, Worldwork methods focus on finding and employing the power of an organization’s or city’s dreamlike background (e.g. projections, gossip, roles, and creative fantasy). Worldwork facilitators listen to the land, do innerwork, practice outer communication skills involving role consciousness, signal and rank awareness to enrich organizational life.  Worldwork has been successfully applied to the analysis of, and work with multicultural and multileveled groups, Aboriginal communities, universities, small and large international organizations, city hot spots, in corporations and world conflict zones. (adapted from www.aamindell.net )

Thanks to our Sponsors

World Work 2011 is hosted by the Research Society for Process-Oriented Psychology, Inc. (RSPOP), a nonprofit organization, founded 1987, in Denver, Colorado, to promote, through research and education, greater understanding of process-oriented psychology. We support the vision of The Global Process Institute (GPI), founded in 1989, as an international consortium of practitioners trained in Process Work working around the world as conflict facilitators, peace builders, organizational consultants, and therapists.

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