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Structure and methods

Group process work presents methods of facilitating groups at every level of interaction. Participants will be working on issues and learning skills applicable to individuals, relationships, sub-groups and large group settings. Training in conflict work and facilitation will be an integral part of the seminar; we will study and learn from the experiences of staff and participant facilitators. Certificates of participation will be awarded upon completion of the course. These six days will include training and experience in large group settings where a variety of issues relevant to the group and the world will be processed. Due to the enormous social differences in our world today, participants should expect the expression of passionate emotions that often emerge in group life. Varied styles of communication are encouraged to support the expression of diverse cultural and ethnic groups. In the spirit of deep democracy and love, we hope to create a community where all voices are heard and friendship is cultivated. Small groups will meet regularly after lunch breaks to practice specific training exercises and process group issues in a more intimate environment. Group process work recognizes that relationship work and inner work are important aspects of any kind of group work, and participants may attend private sessions to focus on individual issues that may arise. Sessions are included in the price of tuition. Special interest groups will have an opportunity for coalition building and networking. Social awareness and educational groups will also be a cohesive part of the program.

The seminar will be facilitated by an international team of Worldwork facilitators. Additionally, we recognize that leadership emerges organically out of group process and believe that everyone is a potential facilitator.

For further elucidation of Worldwork methods and terms see pages glossary, what happened and documents from Worldwork 2008.

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