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Definitions of Worldwork Terms listed in black and terms related to Worldwork, listed in grey.

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The use of physical, personal, or social/political power or force against an individual or group who cannot defend themselves.

Attention and Awareness

First Attention (Consensus Reality Awareness)  The awareness needed to perceive outer situations and information associated with everyday reality.  
Second Attention (Dreamland Awareness) is the ability to notice and believe in the uncommon events in our inner and outer environments, even when our perception disagrees with the way we think the world should look and act.  Second attention is the ability to notice, focus on and unfold signals from ‘dreamland’.  It is a tool for helping us stand outside our consensus realities and see how nature is expressing itself in dreamland.
Third attention (Essence Awareness) is the awareness of the Essence level or sentient awareness. This includes the ability to perceive "flirts"-- those tiny signals that are not yet manifest but live on the fringe of our awareness.  Catching and unfolding "flirts" allows us to enter the essence level.
Awareness In process oriented psychology or process work this term is used to mean fully inhabiting a range of feelings, viewpoints, sensations and perspectives and the capacity to do that. It includes noticing differentiation of experience as well as being able to shift one’s momentary identity between the different perspectives. It also includes a simultaneous recognition of these shifts and processes.


Literally, asylum is a sanctuary, a secure refuge, a place to be safe. To grant asylum to someone who leaves their own country through fear means to grant them international legal protection under the Refugee Convention against a demand by that country for their return. Although it is a form of international protection, it is granted by the legal systems of individual countries and obtaining it is subject to all the procedures of the host country.

Asylum seeker

In the UK, this phrase is used to describe someone who is applying for asylum under the provisions of the Refugee Convention.

This information has been prepared by staff and is from various sources, including previous Worldwork handouts and the website of A & A Mindell. 

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