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"Worldwork 2008 London was an amazing experience...”

Worldwork 2008 Doorways to Diversity, Seeking a Home in the World took place in the Royal National Hotel in the centre of London in April 2008. It was an extraordinary, diverse, dynamic and transforming experience. Some 420 people gathered from 38 countries and nations. History was reflected in the present when this large forum worked deeply on issues related to colonialism, oppression, war, trauma, conflicts, resolutions, hope and hopelessness. By engaging deeply with each other and in the group around these issues new connections and understanding emerged, and in those moments we were all connected. As well as processing the issues around our diverse personal and collective histories and present time, we also learned and practiced various methods of Worldwork facilitation and there was lots of opportunity to meet and network together. Many commented that this was the most successful Worldwork conference to date in terms of the diversity represented, the hearing of many different voices and the possibilities created.

Amy Mindell and Arnold Mindell (the founder of Process Work), a team of 70 facilitating staff members and an organizing team headed by Arlene and Jean Claude Audergon, Anup Karia and Stanya Studentova worked round the clock so that everybody could feel at home.


Worldwork seminars are non profit making events. Worldwork seminar in 2008 was sponsored by Global Process Institute and hosted by RSPOPUK in partnership with Annwin Slovakia and Udruga MI, Croatia, and CFOR, UK.

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